Go51 commits 51% of our profits to save and protect our oceans and endangered wildlife

Hayden, the son of Go51 founders Victor & Vanessa giving his 1st donation to a school in Nacula Village, Yasawa Islands. Go51 is a Kiwi owned & operated Social Enterprise.


Our Mission

It is in our DNA to give more than we take. Go51 commits 51% of our profit to environmental, wildlife & ocean conservation. The remainder funds the development of our new technologies aimed at energy independence and ecological sustainability. Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, starting with a residential wind turbine solution for the windy city of Wellington. We see a future where our kids can say they grew up in the 1st carbon neutral city of New Zealand. We hope to play a part in getting us there.


"I am in so much debt to our planet. Through the past 15 years of freediving & spearfishing, I’ve had an intimate daily connection to the oceans and ecosystems of our planet. After every freedive, my mind, body and soul are balanced. After every spearfish, you provide my family and friends with nourishment. You have always given and I have always taken. Now it’s my turn. I owe my life to forever be in service to the protection of our ecosystems.”

— Victor Huang, Go51 Co-founder

Victor is speaking about the Go51 initiative at TechWeek on Monday the 20th of May 2019:



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