The approach to fundraising for our Social Enterprise is unorthodox. We believe it is possible to solve problems while innovating new technologies with a giving model.

Project 01 is an important 1st step in achieving our mission of energy independence. We hope you can join us on this journey.
— Victor Huang, Go51 co-founder

Go51 (Project 01) - Q3 2019

The project to fund our sustainable technologies

We wanted to find a creative way to fund our mission. At the same time we wanted to create a cool multi-functional tool in a category of its own. All while giving back. This is the 1st step on our 10 year journey. To honor this milestone, we are naming this project: Go51



Project 01 / Go51 is a smartphone multi-tool.

Made of surgical grade stainless steel. Originally invented as an any-angle portrait & landscape kickstand for taking group photos, upon market testing, we discovered the product greatly improved everyday handling and usage of your phone and favorite apps…and then some.


project Launch date: 6th August 2019 on Kickstarter

description of the Benefits:

Greatly improved handling (never drop your phone again) when using apps 1-handed, taking videos or selfies, talking on the phone or playing games, Go51 adds an adjustable ergonomic ledge for your fingers to grip. For those with small hands and big screens, Go51 enables you to easily access every corner of your display 1-handed. Securely hold your $1000 phone worry free.

Your 1st true hands-free smartphone experience. When we talk to people, we address them straight on. When we work on a computer or laptop, we address the display straight on. Our phones displays should be no different. In portrait or landscape, adjust your phone to sit at any angle, so your addressing your display straight on. (no more dodgy cup leans!) Catch up with your friends or family on Skype hands free. Easily follow that recipe in the kitchen. Eat while you catchup on Instagram stories. Give your hands a break while watching that YouTube video. Relax while you binge that Netflix show. Stay connected and use all your favorite apps in a completely new way. Multi-task and save time.

An essential tool for Content Creators. With Go51, you always have a fully articulating tripod built into your phone. From vlogging on the go, to shooting that epic time-lapse, to filming a beauty tutorial or your friend doing that epic skate trick, Go51 is an all-in-1 tripod and filming rig. Whether you create content in vertical or landscape, through the rear cam or front cam, Go51 has you covered in any situation. Our beta testers were most excited by how Go51 added a handle-grip to your phone when filming videos, taking selfies, or using AR apps.

Gamers rejoice. Save your pinky! One of the unexpected use-cases for Go51 was when our testers told us how much more ergonomic it was to play games on their phone with Go51. “It’s like holding a gaming controller” was the feedback we got. Go51 at a bottom position with the arm fully rotated creates a natural, secure, and ergonomic grip for your phone while playing games. From Fortnite to Minecraft to Roblox…no more sore pinky-index grips. Give your little pinkies a break! Wherever you are, Go51 gives you built-in ergonomic gaming without any bulky add-ons.

Parents need a break. Screen-time with kids is a controversial subject. We think screen time should be little to nil for toddlers, but you know what, sometimes as a parent you need that 10 minute break to take a shower or to finish your lunch at a cafe. With G051, anytime anywhere you can securely prop up your phone and distract your kids with Thomas, Peppa or The Wiggles. Go51 gives parents that much needed breather from the tough job of parenting.

Emergency seatbelt cutter. This is pretty self explanatory. Go51 has a hidden emergency seat belt/wire/rope cutter built-in. Ready to go in a seconds notice and always in your pocket!

There are many other hidden features which we’ll show off in the Kickstarter video, but for now we’ll mention this last one: Go51 is also a wine bottle opener! When you need that emergency glass of wine, don’t be stuck with a bottle you can’t open!🍷

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*51% profit of Go51 goes towards conservation. The remaining profit directly funds the development of our clean energy technologies below.


Go51 Sustainable Technology


AnyHome Turbine (Project 02) - Q1 2023

world’s 1st residential wind turbine solution

Wellington, New Zealand is the windiest city in the world. Currently there does not exist a residential wind turbine solution. We aim to change this.

AnyHome Turbine will be capable of wind power generation for an average Wellington household: 1000kWh/month. We will be developing and testing this turbine in Wellington, New Zealand which has annual wind speeds of 22 km/h.


project Launch date: Q1 2023

AnyHome Turbine will emit less than 38dB of sound at 2 meters distance and is not an eyesore, allowing for residential neighborhood installation. AnyHome Turbine will not kill birds and will be a 3-5x improvement in manufacturing cost compared to existing wind turbine solutions.

Our vision is to help make Wellington the 1st carbon neutral city in New Zealand. This starts with bringing 1 neighborhood in Wellington into energy independence using AnyHome Turbines. Once a working model is proven, we aim to scale the solution to the rest of the city.

our sustainable future

*51% profit of AnyHome Turbine goes towards conservation. Any remaining profit directly funds the development of new clean energy and environmental solutions.


Loop Water System (Project 03) - Q1 2029

closed loop water solution

Loop Water is a self contained drinking water, grey water, wash basin, storage and water recycling system. Thin pressurized water blades are used as an alternative to open flowing water. A new method of water filtration is utilized enabling our closed loop technology.

STATUS OF PROJECT: early prototype development

project Launch date: Q1 2029

Loop Water is a stand alone system for communities without access to clean water. In major urban areas, Loop Water can be used as an alternative to the water tap, for a 3-5x reduction in net daily water usage.

*51% profit of Loop Water goes towards conservation. Any remaining profit directly funds the development of new clean energy and environmental solutions.


Wild Harvest Workshops

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