Go51 commits 51% of our profits to save and protect our oceans and endangered wildlife

Our Mission:

Carbon Neutrality Faster

Go51 is a global design lab committing 51% of our profit to environmental, wildlife & ocean conservation. Below is our 10 year roadmap. We are ambitiously optimistic about a carbon neutral future. Our mission is to accelerate the path to energy independence and ecological sustainability.




Our 10 Year Road Map:


PROJECT 01 - clippy

Project 01 - Clippy is multi-tool for your smartphone. Thin, sleek, and made of surgical grade stainless steel. Originally designed to assist those limited to 1 handed mobility, it’s become an essential everyday-carry tool for content creators, travelers, or anyone on the go.

We love making cool stuff. It’s our passion. We also love nature. Our survival depends on it. Clippy is a way to fund our bigger mission, solve a simple problem, and give back to the environment.

51% profit of Clippy goes towards conservation. The remaining profit directly funds the development of our clean energy technology.



PROJECT 02 - anyhome turbine

Project 02  - a residential wind turbine solution. Wind power generation for an average household: 1000kWh/month in 22 km/h average annual wind speeds.

AnyHome Turbine is an array of micro turbines that emits less than 38dB sound at 2 meters distance and with our design chops, is not an eyesore, allowing for easy residential neighborhood installation.  AnyHome Turbine is bird friendly and is a 5x improvement in manufacturing cost compared to existing wind turbine solutions.

51% profit from AnyHome goes towards conservation. Remaining profit directly funds the development of new clean energy and environmental solutions.



PROJECT 03 - Loop water

Water is quickly becoming a hot button issue in many parts of the world. With a growing global population and a changing climate, access to clean, pure water is becoming more difficult.

The Loop Water System is a self-contained, pressurized water blade system that can reduce average daily water usage by 5x.

Loop Water is a solution for communities trapped in water poverty. It reduces global water consumption and helps preserve the water supply in the most threatened parts of our planet.

51% profit of Loop Water goes towards conservation. Remaining profit directly funds the development of new clean energy and environmental solutions.


We love functional design and we love creating products that matter. Our aim was to create a beautiful, functional multi-tool in a class of its own.

But we also wanted to find a creative way to fund our bigger mission- protecting our planet.

Clippy is the 1st step on our ambitious journey of combining our love for design with our love for the planet.

It’s the Worlds 1st Smartphone Multi-Tool. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, this tiny, sleek device, attaches to any smartphone (or keychain) and packs 51 hidden uses.

We are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help us turn this project and our mission into a reality. Your support deeply matters to us.


Go51 Business Model

Go51 operates as a Social Enterprise committing 51% of our profit to environmental, wildlife & ocean conservation. The remainder funds the development of our new technologies aimed at energy independence and ecological sustainability.

Wild Harvest Workshops

Humans were hunter gatherers for 1.8 million years. We used to have an intimate connection to the natural world and with that came an innate sense of stewardship for the environment. Through this connection we understood and respected the food chain and our place in the ecosystem. All our workshops aim to give you the experience of this lost connection. After each workshop, we hope you’ll channel a deeper respect and appreciation for where food comes from and the natural world which provides our daily sustenance. Our goal is to inspire conservation through deep personal and emotional experiences.


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